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This service is for a general consultation for 30 mins, we will discussing the general/overall ideas and design for your custom order.
Consultation deposits are non refundable.
(Orders do not include the cost of materials).
Consultation Fees are charged at the the time of booking.

THE CONSULTATION FEE OF $100 apply to the following:

  • Birthday Dresses
  • Party Dresses
  • Men’s Ware
  • Event Gowns

Note: We also offer Phone consultation

This service is for one Prom 2019 Dress/gown created by celebrity designer LavieByCk. The starting price for custom gowns is $1,500++. This includes a 90-minute consultation.
We ask that you come with all ideas and photos ready for the consultation. Total price is based off the amount of labor and detail that is put into the dress design.
The deposit goes towards your consultation which will help create the ideas for your gown.

Payments will be broken down into two payments depending on how detailed your dress is during consultation.
$200 deposit is non refundable and is not included in the gown cost.


  • Non early birds starts September,30th to December 1st 2018 (Which will include a $50 additional fee for consultation – Total $250).

This service is for a private consultation up to 120 minutes discussing the general ideas and design of your wedding gown.

Note: We also offer Phone consultation

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